During the e-commerce is popular, how should customers far abroad choose a reliable supplier?


Customers can choose Chinese suppliers from the certificates that the factory obtained.


As one of the leading manufacturer of clothes hangers and household goods.

Our Hometime factory has obtained the certificate such as B S C I / I S O 9001/ F S C / W C A /S Q P .


Let’s learn some basic information of WCA today.


What’s WCA?

It’s short for WORKPLACE CONDITIONS ASSESSMENT, is a cost-effective evaluation program developed by Intertek

that can help factories effectively improve workplace conditions in accordance with the best practices and industry standards recognized by customers.


WCA audit is a social responsibility audit developed by ITS, which is much easier than ICTI.WCA is a system, similar to a checklist.

WCA audit standards are adjusted from the GSCP standards adopted by large retail organizations,

and it has become a powerful tool to help companies implement supplier factory assessments, benchmark assessments, and achieve continuous improvement.


Benefits of passing WCA audit

1. The supplier will receive the “Excellent Achievement Award” certificate to demonstrate its outstanding achievements.

2. Achieve efficient corporate supervision and help suppliers to make them the preferred supplier.

3. The transparency will be higher, and the cooperation with suppliers will be more confident.

4. Through real-time information and knowledge management, it is convenient to make quick and wise decisions.

5. High morale, more productive and healthy team.

6. Reduce excessive and repetitive audits.


Prohibited issues in WCA factory audits:

1. Discrimination is prohibited;

2. Inconsistent wages and working hours;

3. Child labor is prohibited;

4. It is forbidden to try to bribe auditors;

5. Forced labor is prohibited;

6. Workplace safety.


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Post time: Nov-12-2021