Our History

Year 1992

Yu Hongbai (Mr. Yu, born in1969), the founder of Lipu Hometime Household Products Co.,Ltd. went to college at Nanning Guangxi alone from a remote village in his hometown of Nanning County, Guangxi.He studies hard, hoping to change the living environment and living standards at home through his own hands.During his study,Mr Yu worked as a waiter in a Nanning restaurant and private teacher near the college as a part-time job.After graduating from college, Mr Yu involved in the hanger industry by chance on 1992 and worked as a factory manager in a hanger factory.

Year 1996

With Fours years working experience in the hanger factory,Mr Yu was proficient in the operation of the entire factory and the production process and technology of wooden hangers. He knew how to open a factory, how to keep it running and how to manage the workers.

The workers in the workshops all respect him and the customers trust him very well.Mr Yu started his first first venture,he cooperated with his partners to build hanger factory in 1996 in the right time.

Year 2004

With 12 years experience dedicated to the hanger industry,

Mr Yu has his own factory in 2004 which called “Lipu Home- Boss Hanger Co.,Ltd “.

It was a factory that focus on manufacturing wooden hangers. 

During the high demand and orders in this new factory,Mr Yu gradually clarify the goals of this new factory,the main business and production was customized wooden hangers which for the garments’ displaying.

Year 2008

Mr Yu was more and more professional on customizing wooden hangers,

not matter for the wood hanger raw material ,the hanger shape,different non slip notches designs,the shoulders,the surface finish with different painting or to the accessories,such as the hook,clips,pant bar etc.

The customized wooden hangers which produced by Mr Yu’s factory not only for domestic market but also for many international fashion brands in 2008.

Year 2012

Once talking about luxury customized wooden hangers,Mr Yu was the first name that appears in the minds of customers at the first time.

He was very famous for his professional and his great characters in customized wooden hangers industry at that time and become the leader in customized wooden hanger markets due to the excellent skill and high quality.

The oversea customers who visited our factory all called Mr Yu as “Home Boss” and Mr Yu taken them around the factory and invited our customers to taste our local specialties after the factory tour.

Year 2015

He saw the future development potential of different hangers prices range and based on the needs of customers, the market and the development plan of his business.

Mr Yu and his wife purchased some injection machines and established a new project,hired the experienced injection molding masters,managers and workers,

leased 7,000 square meters of land to produce plastic hangers such as the non slip ABS rubber coating hangers, cheaper PP hangers, TPR non slip hangers, velvet hangers etc.

Year 2017.6

Due to the increasing business in domestic market and for better servicing our customers,

we have established a professional sales team to serve the fashion brand shops in domestic market in June, 2017.

We promote our factory and serve more customers by participating in different exhibitions in Beijing,Shanghai,Hangzhou,Wuhan,Guangzhou,Shenzhen and HK every year.

Year 2017.10

Due to the increasing business,the production of Mr Yu’s Lipu Home- Boss Hanger Co.,Ltd and the plastic project were not enough for all the orders.In order to expand production scale and increase products lines.Mr Yu Invested nearly 20 million yuan and purchased 28,000 square meters of land to build six standard production workshops, two office building, a large warehouse.Lipu Hometime Household Products CO., Ltd. formally established in October, 2017.And the main business is for producing different materials household products,such as wood items,plastic items,metal items and some wood connected with metal items etc.

Year 2019

The new standardized factory building was completed and started to use in 2019.Covers 28000 square meters all with standard workshops and with automated and semi-automated production machines.Our annual production capacity is about 20 million pcs – 30 million pcs.With around 200 skilled workers and over 40 professional staffs for management.And our Hometime factory always support Custom orders.,such as wooden hangers, wooden wall racks, wall shelves etc; metal products, such as PE coated wire hangers, braided cord metal hangers, pvc coating hangers, copper hangers and some scarf hangers;Plastic hangers such as ABS rubber coating hangers, PP hangers, TPR non slip hangers, velvet hangers.

Year 2020

Since COVID-19 from the beiginning of 2020,more garments have been closed and the customized luxury wooden hanger orders were rapidly decreasing and falling,in order to look for new growth opportunities,the founder of Lipu Hometime Household Products Co.,Ltd went out to study and visited factories in other provinces to discover new opportunities and got some orders for wooden kitchen utensils such as wooden spoons,wood spatule,ect.In addition to the original machines for hangers production, we also purchased laser engraving machine to meet the new production.

Year 2021

In order to meet the environment and market demands, our Hometime factory has developed a Eco friendly sustainable hanger which made of wheat straw fiber with pp together.The main raw materials are natural renewable plant fibers such as wheat straw, rice straw, rice husk, corn stalk, reed stalk etc.They are natural, sustainable, renewable, recyclable and biodegradable.It is not only saving the non-renewable petroleum resources, but also saving of wood and food resources.At the same time, it also effectively alleviates the serious air pollution caused by the burning of abandoned crops in farmland and the serious white pollution and damage caused by plastic waste to the natural and ecological environment.It is a new type of household in line with social development.

Year 2022

In order to meet the markets and customers’ requested,

our Hometime factory has expanded our standard workshops for developing more home storage products,

such as Metal shoes racks , Metal round tables , Metal kitchen racks , Metal flower stand on 2022.
Some Home storage products are under mass production now.

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