It may be easy to fold the pants and put them in a drawer, but this is not always feasible for tight spaces. In addition, hanging pants can help avoid unnecessary creases and reduce ironing time. A good trouser hanger should be non-slip, can save closet space, and can easily find the pants you want to wear. Some upgraded hangers even have unique designs that can further maximize space or rotate the hook 360 degrees for easier hanging.
We also talked with three clothing experts to get a guide to the best hangers, and they also shared some best practices when buying a pants hanger. Experts suggest that if your wardrobe is small, or the hanger has cushion clips to protect your clothes from marks and other damage, it is recommended to buy a thin open hanger.
If you want to store the bottom, you will need to use an efficient design hanger. The chrome-plated metal trouser hanger has an open design that allows you to quickly put on and take off the hanger. There is a non-slip coating on the rod of each hanger to prevent the clothes from sliding when hanging in the closet.
The hanger is also very thin, so you can put multiple pairs of trousers or other trousers even in the smallest closet. After extensive testing, the hanger is the best choice of trouser hangers in our best hangers guide.
We like the multifunctional closet organizer, what better way to bring compactness to a small space than a 5-in-1 hanger? Hongfeng’s five-layer trouser rack can easily hang multiple trousers, skirts and scarves in its segmented compartments. The hanger helps compress your garment to save space without adding any wrinkles.
The durable stainless steel structure is sturdy and lightweight, you don’t have to worry about the fabric being hung on the hanger, and its smooth padded non-slip stopper. The open design allows you to easily access the pants without leaving any pinch marks. You can install the hanger horizontally (very suitable for closets with a single top bar) or vertically (very suitable for more divided closet organizers). More importantly, this is a good way to organize denim to distinguish washed and style.
Wooden hangers provide your wardrobe with a clean and polished appearance. Unlike velvet materials, it is not prone to dirt or wear. The Nature Smile solid lotus wooden trouser rack has 10 packs, with a stylish and simple design, equipped with natural bamboo wood and steel clips for your trousers.
The wooden hanger is sturdy and durable, while the chrome-plated 360-degree hook can be easily controlled when tidying up pants or mid-length skirts. The smooth surface also prevents clothes from wearing out, so your clothes and wardrobe organizer will stay in good condition for a long time.
Velvet hangers are the winner because they look clean, very thin, and are easy to put in luggage during the journey. The Home-It’s Pants Hangers 10-piece suit is perfect for pairing with velvet hangers. With its ultra-thin design, you can hang approximately 50 pairs of pants with only half of the hanger rod.
Not only do they save space, but these multi-purpose hangers have dents, so you can choose to hang the top with your pants. The steel clip ensures that your bottom does not fall onto the wardrobe floor. One thing to remember about velvet hangers is their attraction to dust, so be sure to wipe them frequently with a towel.
You may already have plastic hangers in your closet, whether you bought a cheap bag yourself or keep the ones that came with your pants. They are a classic, simple solution for your wardrobe. The Titan Mall trouser rack is a slight upgrade with a rotating hook that can hold more without breaking.
These hangers are equipped with oversized clips for a firm grip without slipping off. They can hold up to 20 pounds, and the included 360-degree rotatable hook allows you to easily find options behind the closet. Each bag comes with 12 hangers, which makes them a particularly economical purchase, although they are not as smooth as the wood, stainless steel or velvet options.
The Doiown S-shaped stainless steel trouser rack allows you to hang up to 5 pairs of trousers in a simple system for less than $10.
What makes these more valuable is the material. Stainless steel is durable and rust-resistant, so they are durable and will not break even under heavy pressure. You will save space, prevent your clothes from being torn and scratched, and have a multifunctional organizer that can easily hang tights, formal pants and fashionable work clothes. Its unique design can also prevent the pants from slipping and falling on the floor without the need for clips.
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