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I always joked that my passion for clothes was first ignited when I was in school, when I could only choose to wear uniforms. Because I can never decide what I want to wear to school, I really want to show off my sense of fashion during the break. So after graduation, I started to collect clothes that truly represented me. Although I have edited my wardrobe many times since then, I still have more clothes than I actually need. Keeping them organized is a nightmare.
Since I recently performed a large-scale spring cleaning of the rest of the house, I decided it was time to tackle the more cluttered parts of my home that would make me stressed every time I see them: my closet and dressing table. When using Walmart+ subscription service last month, I was lucky and I was happy to visit the site again to find some closet organization products that can help shape my space.
When I am motivated to clean-this feeling usually doesn’t last long-I like to strike while the iron is hot. Fortunately, Walmart+ can help me get what I need quickly, providing free next-day and two-day delivery services for only US$12.95 per month or US$98 per year. There is also no minimum order requirement, so you can ship items as often as you want without paying extra-this benefit will come in handy if you forget to add the item to the original order.
As an added bonus, members can also use the Mobile scan & go discount, which allows you to use your mobile phone to shop and scan products in the store. Therefore, if you are doing a large organization project like me and can’t wait to ship your items, you can go to your local Wal-Mart and check out immediately.
My compact closet is full of skirts, frilled dresses and the large number of hangers I put on them, so it is sometimes difficult to find what I am looking for. When I saw that Wonder Hanger Max could help separate my clothes and triple the space in my wardrobe, I knew it was worth a try.
The space-saving solution has five hanger slots, so you can easily group clothes by color, season, or any other category you like. You can keep the Wonder Hanger Max level and place your items side by side, or put one side of the hanger in a stacking position to make more room for extra clothes.
This storage box comes with 10 Wonder Hangers that can hold 30 pounds. None of them are bent or broken. I have always been skeptical of these types of hangers, but after using them to hang everything from light summer clothes to heavier leather jackets, I officially believed it.
I have been trying to control my underwear drawer for years, but somehow it always becomes a mess. Even after trying Marie Kondo’s folding method last year, my pursuit of organization still turned into chaos. Fortunately, I found what I needed to transform my drawer with this 32-slot storage box.
The interlocking parts are very easy to assemble, you can add or delete them according to the size of the space. These small boxes can hold 2 to 3 strips of folded underwear, helping to keep everything intact. Thanks to its modular design, I can even separate the underwear by color or material and instantly see what I am looking for! This organizer exceeded my expectations, and now seeing the perfectly clean setup, I can’t help but smile.
Similar to my underwear, my bra drawer always looks a little messy. This is a small space that I also use to store my underwear spills, so it is always super crowded. When I stumbled upon Whitmor’s six-piece drawer organizer, I thought it could perfectly solve all my messy problems.
The set comes with six storage boxes-one large, two medium and three small-perfect for storing socks, underwear, bras or jewelry and other items. I used a small and a medium organizer in my bra drawer, and the effect before and after the transformation was great. Seeing the final result, I breathed a sigh of relief. I am glad that I can finally separate the bra from the underwear. In addition, I can use the remaining organizer to organize my camisole and tights drawers.
I live in a small house, so closet space is limited. Mine is a bit all-encompassing, everything from clothes to accessories to handbags. I used several shelves on the top of the closet to store wallets, but it always looked messy, so when I came across this hanging organizer, I was immediately attracted.
As soon as the goods arrived, I happily took the bag off the shelf and put it in eight transparent plastic bags. I like that the storage box is double-sided, and the slot is large enough to hold a large wallet or a few small wallets. My favorite part? I can hide this hanging organizer on the convenient hooks behind the closet that I never use.
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Post time: Jul-08-2021