Have you considered how important is it to manage time effectively?

No matter at work or in our daily life,effective time management is necessary and very important.

Based on this feature,our Hometime factory has continued developing the Home storage products.


Time is the most precious asset,

but it is the most flexible,it can be fleeting, and when you develop a neat and organized habit, it can also be most effective.


Our Home storage wooden wall shelves could be the great helper for you to manage your time when you use it in every application in your life.


Are you still looking for your facial cleanser in the mess in your bathroom?

Installing the wall shelves,you could manage the facial cleanser, night creams,small towels,shower gel, perfume, toothbrush cup, makeup tools very well.

It will be more easy for you to pick up the things you needs and save time for you.


Do you want to be more professional and confident when cooking in the kitchen?

Add the wood wall shelves can organize the condiments, mason jars, herbs or cooking ingredients,bowl, plate, wine bottle,salad well.


Do you want your room be more artistic?

You could add the wood shelf for photo framed,art crafts,books etc storage;

The natural wood can add elegant to your living room.


Install the wall hanger in the baby room,your baby can learn how to organize the room by themself.

They can put their toys and rag dolls on and enjoy the fun of doing housework.Develop good habits since childhood.


Storage not only can make our home more tidy,

but also better for our time management which can improve the life happiness.


The wall mounted shelf can be made in different wood materials.

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Post time: May-29-2021