How to make the Elegant hotel hanger more cheap and more durable?


When you were on business trip or travel somewhere,

Do you realize that there are more and more clothes hangers’ option in the hotels?


The wooden clothes hangers are solidly constructed and with the natural colour of raw wood material,

which makes it looks very elegant, and the capacity of the wood coat hangers are very strong.


But there are some problems happened during the long time using of the wooden hotel hangers.

Such as fading, wood cracking, the round pant bar falling off, paint breaking if hanging the wet clothes regularly;

if the quality of the wooden hangers are not well controlled by some manufacturers,

the burrs will easily scratch your hands or damage your clothes.

It’s a really bad experience.


So some plastic hangers appears on some hotels,but they are slim,

can not bear heavy duty coats and it’s really a pity that they can not made of the elegant natural wooden color.


If you are looking for a elegant hotel hanger with cheaper price ,heavy capacity and with wooden color finish.

Our Hometime factory highly recommend the plastic wood look hotel hanger to you.


This plastic hanger is made of plastic,they are produces by the injection machines.

They are all one piece structure,more durable and no easy to break.

Size:43.5 CM length,1.65 CM thickness; thicker design makes it hold the heavy dresses and can be used both in dry and wet situation.

Empty design inside which makes the price of this plastic hanger more cheaper.

Nickel flat metal hook add more stylish for the hotel room.


The most important thing is that our factory produce the plastic hanger with wood look surface.

It is not only can make the clothes hanger elegant,but also cheaper for hotel purchasing. 


The clothes hangers also suitable for shop displaying.

Welcome to contact us : info@hometimefactory  to get the price and more details information.



Post time: Mar-21-2022