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Few things make my blood boil like a messy closet. Overflowing shelves, crumpled shirts, messy hangers-seeing any of these makes me excited to start tidying up. But before dealing with any large organizational project, I always make sure to do one thing: check out all the smart things on Amazon that can help you find and store things.
But when I say “store things”, I’m not just talking about trash cans and boxes-I like to be more creative than that. Alas, I have made sure to include space-saving poles that can be hung in the closet, hooks that allow you to stack hangers together, and expandable shelves that can be used for everything from shoes to books. If your space is already neat-but you don’t remember where everything is-there is even a label maker.
to be honest? There is nothing I like more than going back to a clean home-with all the organization products of Amazon, now is the best time to start organizing. Whether you want to organize a bedroom closet or a kitchen pantry, this list has it all.
This hanging shoe rack can hold up to 17 pairs of shoes, making it ideal for cramped closets with insufficient storage space. You can also stuff sweaters, wallets, or almost any other item into your pocket-the top hook can be hung on any standard closet pole.
By sliding one of these hooks onto the hanger, you can stack the hangers together to help you save space. They are made of durable ABS plastic and fit most hangers. In addition, the rounded corners will not hang on your clothes.
Put it on a shelf for quick storage, or fill it with toiletries under the bathroom sink; with this clear storage box, you have a choice. The handles on both sides allow you to carry it easily and are completely BPA-free.
Each of these hockey lights has a built-in motion sensor, so you don’t have to worry about the battery running out early; they will only turn on when someone is in the room. But the best part? The included 3M adhesive makes it easy to install them in your home.
Closets, children’s rooms, mud rooms-these shelves are so versatile, they will help no matter where you put them. Each order comes with two storage bins for storing any loose items you own, and each shelf is strong enough to support up to 10 pounds.
Slide your shoes into these slots and they will stack them safely to help you save valuable storage space. They are designed for all types of shoes-from high heels to dirt-filled gardening sneakers behind the closet.
Ever wanted your wardrobe to look as neat and tidy as the shelves you saw in the store? Then it’s time to try this folding board. With just a few turns, it can fold any type of shirt evenly-and because it is made of strong plastic, you don’t have to worry about it becoming deformed due to heavy use.
This electric hanger can hold more than 70 ties and is an easy way to organize your closet without taking up a lot of space in your closet. The built-in LED light helps you find the exact tie you are looking for-it uses four C batteries (not included) to power it.
You can stack up to two of these shelves together to increase storage space for shoes, plants, books, or almost any other item—it only takes a few minutes to assemble. Rubber feet help prevent scratches on the floor, while keeping the shelf stable without shaking.
There are four rows of clips on each hanger, and there is enough space to hold up to 12 pairs of pants, shorts, skirts or any other clothing in the closet. And you don’t need to worry about damaging your clothes-the clip is covered with soft rubber to help prevent it from hanging.
You can rest assured that these S-shaped hangers will not deform under heavy trousers because they are made of strong stainless steel and will not rust easily. Smooth metal shouldn’t scratch your clothes either-one reviewer even praised “they are a huge help to the bulky matching of my very small closet.”
Folded T-shirts take up a lot of space on the shelf, and this small pile of dividers helps to compress them into a convenient pile. It also keeps your shirt from wrinkling-but the best part is that you can easily move it from the closet to the suitcase while traveling.
Can’t track the items in your home? Then it’s time to start using this label maker. Connect it to your phone via Bluetooth and start labeling storage boxes, seasonal clothing, etc. It is also rechargeable, so you don’t have to worry about buying batteries.
There are 20 pockets in which you can store socks, underwear, scarves, masks, etc. These hanging storage bags are a must for cluttered wardrobes. The top hook is made of durable metal, while the pocket is made of breathable mesh to help prevent moldy odors.
Are there too many shoes for a small and heavy shelf? Not only can this shoe rack hold up to 28 pairs, it also looks more stylish than the typical shoe rack you find in stores. No tools are required for assembly, and the frame is made of strong metal.
These storage containers are BPA-free and have good sealing properties, making them ideal for holding dry ingredients such as flour, sugar and even pasta. They are neatly stacked in your cabinet so that they don’t take up a lot of space. In addition, each order comes with a blackboard label and a measuring cup.
These wire baskets are made of sturdy metal and can be stacked on top of each other in narrow cabinets, or they can be placed separately to tidy up messy shelves. Each has a label holder to help you track the location of items, and a strong coating gives them a stylish look.
After using these storage boxes, just fold them up and lay them flat under the bed or in the closet. The inside is made of thick cardboard, while the outside is covered with a soft fabric to keep your belongings safe.
These hangers are not only very sturdy, each can hold up to 30 pounds, but they also help to minimize the space occupied by clothes in the closet. Each piece of clothing can hold up to 6 pieces of clothing, which means you can organize up to 72 hangers (because there are 12 per bag).
If you store all your seasonal clothes in these storage bags, you can save a lot of space in your wardrobe. The transparent window allows you to easily view the contents without opening the package, and the side handle allows you to easily carry it with you at home.
Wallets can take up a lot of space on your shelf-but this storage bag can be hung on any par and can hold up to 10 bags. The fabric wall helps prevent dust from entering everything, and the stainless steel hook is strong enough to hold an oversized wallet.
Whether your shelves are full of skirts, shirts, dresses or sweaters, these folding panels can help them look organized and tidy. In addition, they are made of durable plastic, and one reviewer wrote that they were “very strong” and “fitted well.”
You can fill these stackable drawers with all the cosmetics or toiletries scattered on the vanity or bathroom counter, and it will immediately look organized-even if you just throw everything in it. They are also great for storing small items such as belts and jewelry on closet shelves.
I put this cube organizer in one of my closets and turned it into a storage room in my cramped kitchen, but you can use it to organize almost anything. Arrange the boxes as you want, and place them in a place like the front hallway to store shoes. Each cube can hold up to 15 pounds.
The T-shirts I put on the shelf are always mixed together after a few days, which is why a set of dividers like this is so important. Not only do they make your shelves look neat and tidy, but they are also made of strong iron and covered with protective polyethylene.
Ever wish you could put more shelves in your closet? Hang up this organizer-the problem is solved. It has five shelves for everything from shoes to wallets, and three mesh pockets on both sides.
Slide these drawer storage boxes into your dressing table to store your socks, bras and other underwear. Each of them is made of anti-mold non-woven fabrics. One critic even admired, “I use one of them as the organizer of my baking drawer, where I put miniature funnels, measuring cups, measuring spoons, and spices. Mini measuring bowls/condiments etc.”
When your wardrobe is finally running out of space, just hang up this detachable pole to place the rest of your clothes. The height is adjustable, so you can accommodate extra-long garments, and because it requires zero tools, assembly becomes a breeze.
I bought a bunch of blackboard labels for my kitchen, but the only problem is that my handwriting is ugly. solution? This set of pantry labels is written in cute fonts and will be cool when placed in your cupboard. Each order comes with 157 labels for everything from spices to table setting.
Wax paper, tin foil, plastic wrap-this stand is designed to hold all of these things so that they don’t mess up the entire drawer of your kitchen. The built-in handle makes it easy to move from the counter to the table when packing food, and the metal rack can be adjusted to accommodate taller boxes.

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