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Promising comment: “I love, love, love this storage box. It sounds silly, but it changed my life. I no longer need to play with the storage box Jenga! Every time I open the cabinet, what’s in the cabinet It won’t fall out anymore. Now I can fold the lid in the storage box and my storage container fits nicely on the shelf-I have a lot of storage containers. I will definitely buy this again and again. Great product!” —Laura H.
Promising comment: “This unit is sturdy and easy to install. It can immediately maximize the previously unused space. The adjustment range allows this unit to be very practical under different ceiling heights and storage needs. Access to this storage space is easier and faster , Instead of climbing up my downstairs and trying to move in my unsafe garage attic space. I also like that I can hang extension cords and chandeliers under the unit to further maximize the previously unused space. I can Seeing “I will definitely add one or two more in the future.” If you often drag things around the garage and always try to find space, buy this elevated storage unit from Fleximounts today! ⁠—M. Jenkins
moyo lucky is an Esty shop that provides cute placemats, pencil cases, gel pens, storage containers and more!
Promising comment: “Absolutely love this product! I cleaned my laundry room last week and wanted to tidy up all my brooms, mops and mini vacuum cleaners. This took care of the work ⁠—and then some! This was installed in minutes Good, very sturdy. Compared with other items, one of them weighs moderately and feels very comfortable. I also like the added hooks.” ⁠—Judic
boldmfg is a small company located in Austin that produces handmade household items such as fire pits, mailboxes, shelves, flower pots, etc.!
Promising comment: “Very good and high quality! We use these to make small rooms for the tables we make for children at home. They are perfect! The packaging and shipping are top-notch

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