The China Import and Export Fair (The China Import and Export Fair, referred to as: Canton Fair),

founded on April 25, 1957,is held in Guangzhou every spring and autumn.

It is jointly sponsored by the Ministry of Commerce and the People’s Government of Guangdong Province.The center undertakes.

It is a comprehensive international trade event with the longest history, the highest level, the largest scale, the most complete product categories,

the largest number of buyers, the widest distribution in countries and regions, and the best transaction results in China.

It is known as “China’s No. 1 Exhibition “


The 130th China Import and Export Fair (Canton Fair) will be held online and offline from October 15 to November 3, 2021.

Considering the current needs of epidemic prevention and control, the duration of the exhibition is 5 days.

The theme slogan of this year’s Canton Fair is “Canton Fair Global Share”.


This year’s Canton Fair set up 51 exhibition areas according to 16 categories of commodities,

and simultaneously set up the “Rural Revitalization Featured Products” exhibition area online and offline.

Among them, the offline exhibition is held in three phases according to the usual practice, each exhibition time is 4 days;

a total area of ​​1.185 million square meters, about 60,000 standard booths,

will focus on inviting overseas institutions/corporate representatives in China,domestic purchasers, etc.

The online exhibition will increase the development of suitable offline application scenarios and offline drainage functions.


“Canton Fair Global Share” expresses the function and brand value of the Canton Fair.

The idea originated from “Broad Interaction and Benefiting the World”, embodying the concept of “Universal Unity, Harmony and Coexistence”,

highlighting my country’s role as a major country in coordinating epidemic prevention and control,

economic and social development, stabilizing the world economy, and benefiting all mankind under the new situation.

Post time: Sep-22-2021